Oatlands Public School

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Vision and Objectives

The P&C Association aims to keep the best interests of the school community at the heart of all decisions we make.

Our ultimate goal is to raise funds that can be donated to the school to contribute towards purchases that have been identified as important and beneficial to the students learning experience.

In 2018, we set a fundraising target of $15,000 to help fund various projects such as paint for new artwork under the COLA, new signs with the Australian Anthem and School Song for under the COLA and equipment for Kids Curriculum activities.

Our vision is to represent parents, caregivers and the wider community, welcoming expression of opinion and concerns in a safe and respectful environment whilst providing ongoing support to teachers and staff of Oatlands Public School in the best interest of all students.

The P&C aims to support our school by:

1. Fundraising - Fun fundraising to support progression of curriculum and extracurricular activities, helping students to become well rounded 'Future Focused' learners.

2. Connection - Connect and engage students, parents, carers, teachers and sponsors of OPS to enhance educational wellbeing and experience through activities and events. Continue to encourage the parents and carers of the school community to take an active role in their child's education through participation.

3. Governance - Establish policies and procedures in accordance with the P&C Federation. Ensure all documentation is easily accessible via a handbook format, allowing for a simple transition for future executive members.